About uPyxis

uPyxis is based on people's curiosity for anything that happens around him and that can be useful to them. It arises from the lack of geolocation information of events, activities, events, etc. that are happening right now for a short time.

Allows you to create from your smartphone geo events that are happening right now where you are and that you think may be important for other people, for example concerts, sport events, demonstrations, accidents, competitions, special offers, etc.

At the same time you will see which events are now around you or in a geographic area, see additional information such as photos, do checkins to them, and comment them with other users.

You can also set alerts to warn you for example when around you, this signing books your favorite author, someone give away a product, so,eone make a contest, exhibition, etc.

How was it born?

The idea behind uPyxis came a day strolling through Barcelona when i hear many sirens of police without knowing what was happening. At that time I realized that people are very curious and want to know at all times what is happening around them. Later, I decided to delve into the idea and develop it in my Final Master Project.

The name uPyxis, consists in the letter "u" and the palablra "Pyxis". The letter "u" sounds like "you", and the word Pyxis is a word that I use on geolocation projects as it means compass in Latin. The document with the first uPyxis can be found here.

About me, I studied Telecommunications Engineering in the specialty of Telematics at "Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering" of the UPC. After a few months working at Accenture i decided to address some concerns studying a double degree in "Engineering in Telecommunications" + "Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering & Management" where I was on internship for more than a year in the strategic marketing department of Abertis Telecom.

Seems useful?

If you think this project is useful, and want to help with a donation, you can do through bitcoins or litecoins to this addresses. Thank you very much!

BitCoin: 1uPyxokcLevxyvPn14zsrnQQ3r4fG6h7P
LiteCoin: LUePu877nTxt93We9Gh3nqGMRHQcxc9qB4

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create events?

At the moment, it has been decided that the events can be created only from the mobile web or the uPyxis application for Android devices. Simply select the appropriate option and fill in the necessary data.

I can edit events?

No, for now it is not possible to edit events.

How do I download the APP for android?

You can get the APP for Android devices from here.

What are the advantages of the Android APP?

LThe Android APP has exclusive features not available on the website of uPyxis as creating events and creating temporary alerts to notify you when uPyxis detect events of your interest around you.

Do I need to register?

Depends, unregistered users have limitations. Without registering only you can view events, and you can not add any content. Join in and register.

How to register?

You can register from here. You just need to put your real name, email, username and password. Once registered you will receive an email to activate your account. You can also register directly from the APP.

About what things must be the events?

About anything you see that is happening around you and you think can be useful to others. It may be for example incidents, accidents, sporting events, demonstrations, special offers, etc.. Before you create an event, check that is not already created.

What I have to indicate to create an event?

Its position a title, a category, when it starts, its approximate duration, description and optionally a subcategory and a picture.

What are the possible status of an event??

Events can have 5 states:
- Not Started: The event will start in a few moments.
- Started: The event has begun.
- Finished: The event has ended recently.
- Closed: The event ended hours ago and is no longer displayed.
- Removed: The event has been deleted by the user or by the reporting system.

Who can create events?

Using the mobile web or the Android APP, any registered user that is not banned.

Who can comment and add pictures to an event?

Any registered user that is not banned.

Who can delete an event?

Its creator, the admin or the reporting system.

Who can report an event or user?

Any registered user that is not banned.

What is the utility to report?

When people think that an event, comment, image or user is of poor quality or behave incorrectly as insulting or inserting eg SPAM, other users can report it. Each content has an internal score, which varies according to several parameters. As a content receives reports this score decreases until delete the contents in extreme cases. Please note that reports are reviewed and a bad use of the report system , will penalize the user submitting the report.

I've been banned, now what?

If you have been banned, you can not create content in uPyxis for a few hours. If you are a repeat offender, will be easier to get banned again and will have to wait more and more hours to deactivate the restrictions. Please behave well.

Are there limits to create content?

Yes, there are limits both the registration of new users and create content from a single user for flood control and SPAM. If you try to re-create content quickly, a message will appear telling you to wait a few seconds or minutes.

How i can contact with uPyxis team?

You can contact by sending a message here or email to the following address:

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